New Project!

I am working on a current research project in conjunction with an Honors class at Randolph-Macon where a team of students is researching the student history of R-MC and we are creating an interactive site to display this research. I am researching the academic and logistic history of the college from 1946 thru the present. Stay tuned for the link to that website, coming December 2018.

Butes, my original myth

A fellow classmate and I were tasked with the creation of an original myth in the Spring of 2018. We created a myth surrounding a man called Butes, and the creation of dad jokes. This is a light-hearted myth, but one centered around the traditional heroic plot of the myths of ancient Rome and Greece.

For the Birds

This critical essay on the humor of the ancient comedic play “The Birds” by Aristophanes was written to explain how the play itself would have been comedic in performance. Comedy is best understood in the drama, rather than the written form, and I explain to the best of my ability how that would have been accomplished in the ancient world.

On Absence

The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is now.


Hello all! I am here to comment on my lack of presence over the last year or so. I realize I have not maintained my portfolio as I could have, so I am excited to announce I will be making this a much more active page. Thank you for bearing with me, and I look forward to showing what I’ve been working on!

Culture: Its Relevant


Work #3 of my Fall 2016 Semester, this was a reflection on a thrilling debate between Randolph-Macon and the traveling British debaters. As sarcastic as that statement probably sounds, it was actually one of the most interesting presentations I have seen on campus.