R-MC Folios

Folios.rmc.edu is a platform for blogging, professional website publishing, and building e-Portfolios. It is currently offered to faculty and students of Randolph-Macon College, and is supported by Media & Instructional Support at the library.  Here are examples of how faculty and students use the tool –
https://folios.rmc.edu/racheledominguez (Professor Rachele Dominguez’s blogs)
https://fyec262.wordpress.com/student-projects (Student projects for Professor Evie Terrono’s FYE class)

Powered by WordPress, Folios.rmc.edu can also be used as a teaching and collaboration tool. It allows students to build web-presentations for class assignments with minimum technical difficulty. Contact Lily Zhang (zzhang@rmc.edu) if you are interested in using folios.rmc.edu, or visit https://folios.rmc.edu/lilyzhang/2016/12/01/websites-eportfolios.