MakeSpace for Learning and Creativity

The Library MakerSpace is open to the R-MC community!

Library Makerspace Poster
Library Makerspace Poster

In addition to 3D design and printing, we have added the HTC VIVE Virtual Reality system, as well as tools and resources for prototyping and making projects. In this space, students can explore technologies for creative projects and class assignments. Faculty can collaborate with the Instructional Designer and Instruction Librarian on incorporating emerging technologies into teaching and scholarship.

Since 3D printing became available in the Library last summer, we have seen a variety of creative uses of 3D design and printing. Here are some examples:

  • Students created and had printed homunculus figures for the J-term course “Artificial Body/Germ Lit & Film”, taught by Professor Lauren Mossett.
  • Jake Hickman (Engineering Physics and Math double-major) designed a 3D part for his capstone project.
  • A 3D workshop offered by the library piqued Anna Crabill’s interests; she designed an “Easter Chick”.

As we continue to facilitate creative use of 3D technology, we are studying ways Virtual Reality enhances teaching and learning. By presenting real-world scenarios, VR holds great potentials for enhancing learning experiences. Students learn and use knowledge to interact with real-world applications. We would love to hear from faculty and students on what VR resources to get for our curriculum, and how to use VR in classroom teaching.

For now, please stop by and  check out the MakerSpace resources in the library!

Student experiencing Virtual Reality in the MakerSpace
Student experiencing Virtual Reality in the MakerSpace

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