Math Circle Meetings

Here are the dates we meet in Spring 2018! Sundays 4:30 – 6 pm.

Feb 25th: Problem Solving Strategies I (Bhattacharya, Copley 201D)

Mar 11th: Problem Solving Strategies II (Bhattacharya, Copley 201D)

March 25th: Vectors: From Pythagoras to Pandora (McGuire, Copley 201D)

April 8th: Lame’s Theorem (McGuire, Copley 201D)

April 22nd: Introduction to Matrices – I (Bhattacharya, Copley 201D)

May 6th: Introduction to Forces (Dominguez, Copley 206)

May 20th: Plane Tilings with Dominoes and Triominoes (McGuire, Copley 201D)

Jun 3rd: Introduction to Matrices – II (Bhattacharya, Copley 201D)

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