Friends and Colleagues
Daniel Bowring, physicist
Kaća Bradonjić, physicist and artist
Megan Wynne, artist
Blade Wynne, artist
Ingrid Lily, biblical scholar
Valentin Voroshilov, physicist
Stephanie Bailey, physicist

Some of my favorite (nerd) things
A Capella Science
The Oatmeal
PHD comics
Minute Physics

Some of my favorite podcasts episodes
Radiolab: Colors
Radiolab: Bigger than bacon
Story Collider: Kaća Bradonjić- The Nature Of Space And Time
Hidden Brain: The Edge Effect

Cool kid stuff
Rosie Research
Brains On Podcast
Tumble Podcast
Scientist Paper Dolls

Local Math and Physics
Chesapeake Section of the American Association of Physics Teachers
Greater Richmond Math Circle (for middle school ages)
Randolph-Macon Keeble Observatory
Pathways to Science STEM Program for Hispanic Women

Good popular science articles
The Space Doctor’s Big Idea

Women in Science
500 Women Scientists
Isabelle Stone: breaking the glass ceiling with thin films and teaching