Creating an Account



Click the “Get Started” or “Login” button on the homepage to create your account:


Login with your R-MC credentials.


Once logged in, click on the Dashboard–>My Sites area.


Once in My Sites section, click on “Add New” to create your portfolio site.


Here you need to add your Site Name, which will be the URL, so no spaces or special characters in site name, something like studentx, so the name of your site would be After that, you would give the site a title, something like Student X’s Portfolio (spaces and special characters are allowed in site title).


After that, the following page will come up and you can click on the link to see your site.


This is what the frontend of your portfolio site will look like:


Click on the Site Title in the menu bar to enter the Dashboard where you can begin creating content for your Portfolio.


Now you have access to the Dashboard of your portfolio site that you can build and design using the available themes and content creation tools.